Spartan Student Athletes Excel In Classroom

SAN JOSE, Calif.—Continuing to build champions in the classroom, San José State University student-athletes excelled in the classroom as 135 student-athletes and cheer squad members were recognized as either a President's Scholar or Dean's Scholar at San José State.
The 60th annual Honors Convocation, held virtually on Friday, May 6, recognized undergraduate students designated as President's Scholars for the Spring and/or Fall 2021 semesters.  The celebration honored the 2,719 undergraduate students who achieved the distinction of President's Scholars. Dean's Scholars are recognized by their respective colleges.

60th Honors Convocation Website
To earn a President's Scholar designation, a student must earn a 4.00 grade-point average in one of the two semesters (Spring 2021 & Fall 2021) before the Honors Convocation. A Dean's Scholar is a San José State student with a 3.65 or higher grade-point average in a semester during the same academic calendar.
There are 24 student-athletes from 12 sports who are designated as a President's Scholar. Two Spartans are President's Scholars for the fourth time – Kai Bohannon, cross country/track & field and Andrew Jenkins, football.
All 22 sports are represented among the 135 honorees, including six teams who have double-digit honorees – women's soccer with 16 honorees; women's gymnastics and baseball each with 12 honorees; and football, women's swimming and dive and women's water polo with 11 honorees each. Football had four President's Scholars, followed by women's golf, women's water polo and women's swimming diving with three each.
President's Scholars (24)
Kajsa Arwefjäll                                 Women's Golf                                                    Business Administration/Finance
Jovana Babic                                     Women's Tennis                                               Psychology
Kai Bohannon                                   Women's Cross Country/Track & Field    Applied Mathematics/Econ & Actuarial
Louisa Carlbom                                Women's Golf                                                    Applied Mathematics
Kayla Fortenberry                           Women's Soccer                                               Sociology
Mark Kis                                              Men's Water Polo                                             Business Administration/Finance
Alexus Jackson                                 Women's Soccer                                               Biological Sciences
Andrew Jenkins                               Football                                                                 Political Science
Tre Jenkins                                         Football                                                                 Justice Studies
Sophia Jones                                     Women's Basketball                                        Radio-Television-Film
Kielle Leggo                                       Women's Water Polo                                      Psychology
Antonia Malate                                Women's Golf                                                    Communication Studies
Nick Marchione                                 Men's Water Polo                                             Anthropology
Lara Marco Mas                               Women's Tennis                                               Nutritional Science
Reagan Mathieson                            Women's Swimming & Diving                     Biomedical Engineering
Emma Milne                                      Women's Gymnastics                                     Psychology
Lucy Miszewski                                Women's Water Polo                                      Mechanical Engineering
Rebecca Petoe                                 Women's Swimming & Diving                     BioChemistry
Mia Schafer                                       Volleyball/Beach Volleyball                          Child & Adolescent Development
Ellie Shorten                                      Women's Swimming & Diving                     Undeclared
Isabelle Sistek                                   Beach Volleyball                                                Environmental Studies
Tre Smith                                            Football                                                                 Communication Studies
Clarissa Wandinger                        Women's Water Polo                                      Business Administration/Marketing
Malik Welch                                      Football                                                                 Communication Studies
Dean's Scholars (111)
Allyson Alden                                    Volleyball/Beach Volleyball                          Psychology
Adam Bado                                        Men's Water Polo                                             Aerospace Engineering
Johnny Balderas                              Football                                                                 Communication Studies
Andy Barajas                                     Men's Soccer                                                      Communication Studies
Brooklyn Behenna                          Women's Water Polo                                      Undeclared
Lior Ben David                                  Women's Water Polo                                      Business Admin./Management Information Systems
Travis Benham                                 Football                                                                 Behavioral Science
Alyssa Bjork                                      Volleyball                                                             Public Health
Madeline Boerstra                         Volleyball/Beach Volleyball                          Public Health
Ellie Boni                                             Women's Basketball                                        Psychology
Dalton Bowling                                Baseball                                                                Communication Studies
Caroline Bowman                           Softball                                                                  Mechanical Engineering
Siena Brewster                                 Beach Volleyball                                                Business Administration/Entrepreneurship
Carly Burns                                        Women's Soccer                                               Justice Studies/Criminology
Jackson Burrill                                  Football                                                                 Hospitality, Tourism & Event Management
Reiley Burton                                    Women's Water Polo                                      Psychology
Alvaro Cardenas                              Men's Basketball                                               Kinesiology
R.J. Cesario                                        Men's Golf                                                           Communication Studies
Keaton Chase                                    Baseball                                                                Economics
Alice Ciobanu                                    Women's Swimming & Diving                     Kinesiology
Daria Cocol                                        Women's Swimming & Diving                     Business Admin./Corporate Accounting & Finance
Jack Colette                                       Baseball                                                                Communication Studies
Emiliano Corona                              Men's Soccer                                                      Kinesiology
Elaina Davey                                     Women's Water Polo                                      English/Creative Writing
Cila David                                           Women's Water Polo                                      Business Admin./Global Operations & Management
Matt Der Torossian                          Football                                                                 Business Administration/Finance
Olga Descalzi                                     Women's Water Polo                                      Mechanical Engineering
Jalend Dinwiddie                             Football                                                                 Computer Science
Morgan Eoff                                      Cheerleading                                                      Business Administration/Entrepreneurship
Trevor Ernt                                        Baseball                                                                Communication Studies
Jicel Fernandez                                Women's Cross Country/Track & Field    Liberal Studies/Integrated Teacher Education Program
Jillian Figueroa                                 Softball                                                                  Justice Studies/Criminology
Yahav Fire                                          Men's Water Polo                                             Computer Science
Elijah Fischer                                    Football                                                                 Kinesiology
Bella Flocchini                                  Women's Soccer                                               Animation & Illustration
Alani Fluker                                       Women's Basketball                                        Public Health
Jackson Forbes                                 Baseball                                                                Psychology
Natasha Forrand                             Women's Gymnastics                                     Undeclared
Hailey Fortner                                  Cheerleading                                                      Undeclared – Pre-Nursing
Ashley Goard                                    Softball                                                                  English (Teaching Prep)
Jadan Gonzalez                                Women's Golf                                                    Business Administration/Management
Alyssa Graham                                 Softball                                                                  Public Health
Lacie Ham                                          Softball                                                                  Communication Studies
Robert Hamchuk                             Baseball                                                                Communication Studies
Kaison Hammonds                         Men's Basketball                                               Communication Studies
Theo Hardy                                        Baseball                                                                Kinesiology
Niels Hofmeijer                                Men's Water Polo                                             Mechanical Engineering
Trinity Johnson                                Women's Gymnastics                                     Kinesiology
Taylor Justus                                     Baseball                                                                Public Health
Madison Kirsch                                Women's Gymnastics                                     Kinesiology
Sophia Konieczny                            Women's Gymnastics                                     Forensic Science/Biology
Réka Kovács                                      Women's Swimming & Diving                     Philosophy
Juliane Laurent                                Women's Soccer                                               Communication Studies
Nysiah LeGardye                             Women's Track & Field                                  Psychology
Sophie Liao                                        Women's Cross Country/Track & Field    Sociology
Jaudai Lopes                                     Women's Gymnastics                                     Justice Studies
Lucia Lopez Ortega                         Women's Golf                                                    Chemistry/BioChemistry
Connor Macmillan                         Men's Water Polo                                             General Engineering
Lauren Macpherson                       Women's Gymnastics                                     Biological Sciences
Makenna Mathieson                     Women's Swimming & Diving                     Psychology
Jada Mazury                                      Women's Gymnastics                                     Business Administration/Entrepreneurship
Jaiden McClellan                             Women's Soccer                                               Political Science
Makayla McMahon                        Women's Gymnastics                                     Kinesiology
Julieta Mendiola                                Women's Gymnastics                                     Liberal Studies
Ruben Mercado                               Baseball                                                                Sociology
Evelin Meza                                       Women's Cross Country/Track & Field    Political Science
Kiana Miyazato                                Women's Soccer                                               Public Health
Autum Monty                                   Women's Soccer                                               Biological Sciences
Christian Moreno                            Men's Cross Country/Track & Field           Public Relations
Shelby Mullendore                         Women's Swimming & Diving                     Economics
Kotaro Murata                                 Men's Golf                                                           Philosophy
Zsófia Muzsnay                                Women's Swimming & Diving                     Communication Studies
Natalia Nava                                     Women's Soccer                                               Business Administration/Human Resources
Sabrina Nava                                     Women's Soccer                                               Justice Studies/Criminology
Trent Nielsen                                    Baseball                                                      Business Admin./Corporate Accounting & Finance
Juliette Noyer                                   Women's Cross Country/Track & Field    Biomedical Engineering
Carli Orcutt                                        Women's Gymnastics                                     Public Health
Maiken Pardon                                Women's Water Polo                                      Mechanical Engineering
Jordyn Parr                                        Women's Golf                                                    Business Administration/Management
Leslee Patino                                    Women's Cross Country/Track & Field    Psychology
Alba Pedrero Galindo                    Women's Tennis                                               Business Administration/Management
Taylor Phillips                                   Women's Soccer                                               Business Administration
Omar Pina                                          Men's Cross Country/Track & Field           Kinesiology
Deshna Quincy                                 Cheerleading                                                      Kinesiology
Bryan Quintero                                Men's Track & Field                                         Biological Sciences
Marko Radanovich                         Men's Water Polo                                             Psychology
Phoebe Rapoza                                Women's Soccer                                               Kinesiology
Christian Rodriguez                        Men's Cross Country/Track & Field           Sociology
Adrianna Ross                                     Cheerleading                                                      Undeclared
Sebastian Ruiz-Hurst                     Men's Soccer                                                      Aviation
Daniela Salazar                                Women's Cross Country/Track & Field    Kinesiology
Emily San Jose                                  Women's Swimming & Diving                     Undeclared
Corey Sanchez                                  Baseball                                                                Business Administration/Management
Sarah Santos                                     Women's Soccer                                               Biological Sciences
Taren Schive                                     Football                                                                 Kinesiology
Sarah Smevog                                   Volleyball/Beach Volleyball                          Environmental Studies
Gabby Spencer                                 Women's Cross Country/Track & Field    Justice Studies
Sophie Spivack                                   Women's Water Polo                                      Business Administration/General Business
Kristopher Stiles                              Men's Golf                                                           Business Admin./Corporate Accounting & Finance
Danielle Suh                                      Women's Golf                                                    Kinesiology
Laszlo Szieben                                  Men's Water Polo                                             Business Administration/International Business
Aubrie Thomas                                Softball                                                                  Psychology
Maddie Toomer                               Women's Soccer                                               Kinesiology
Nik Trapani                                        Baseball                                                                Communication Studies
Carina Valceschini                          Cheerleading                                                      Kinesiology
Jaida Ward                                         Volleyball/Beach Volleyball                          Justice Studies/Criminology
Sabrina Weinman                           Women's Soccer                                               Kinesiology
Katherine Weyhmiller                   Women's Gymnastics                                     Psychology
Jada Wilson                                       Women's Soccer                                               Psychology
Finlay Wood                                      Men's Soccer                                                      Communication Studies
Angelika Yngson                              Women's Swimming & Diving                     Recreation/Recreation Therapy